Let's Keep It

Burgl Czeitschner
Originalfassung / Österreich / 100 min.
Kater Noster

Let’s Keep It is a privately funded theatrical release documentary on the still problematic attitude of the Republic of Austria towards the restitution of Nazi-looted property. The director’s aspiration to involve her own family in her critical exploration of Austria’s restitution politics adds a highly personal note to this elaborately produced film.

The subsequent discussion will be in German.

Let's talk politics
Burgl Czeitschner

Director, Historian and Journalist.

A Woman Captured

Director: Bernadett Tuza-Ritter
Original version with english subtitles / Germany, Hungary / 89 min.

A European woman has been kept by a family as a domestic slave for 10 years. Drawing courage from the filmmaker’s presence, she decides to escape the unbearable oppression and become a free person.

The subsequent discussion will be in English.

Let's talk politics
Moderation: Margret Aull

Margret Aull is working as a Psychotherapist, Supervisor and she is teaching didactics and self-awareness

Bernadette Tuza-Ritter

Bernadette Tuza-Ritter graduated from the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Hungary in 2009 and was the editor of several Hungarian features, shorts and documentaries
that have been screened internationally and have received numerous awards at renowned film festivals.
She has also worked on international movies as an editor and script supervisor with directors from over twelve countries.

Kate Garbers

Kate Garbers is the managing director of the non-governmental organisation Unseen.
She has worked in the sector for the last 10 years, working directly with survivors, law enforcement agencies and governments on how to tackle trafficking and slavery.

Gilles Reckinger

Gilles Reckinger is a social anthropologist and Academic Director of the Institut supérieur de l’économie, Luxembourg.
His main research interests are: Migration, Precarization, European Border Regime, Globalized Labour Markets, and Mediterranean Studies.


Director: Ben Asamoah
Originalfassung mit englischen Untertiteln / Belgium, Netherlands / 84 min.

A group of young Ghanaians turn to internet fraud to help them with a desperate situation.

The subsequent discussion will be in English.

Let's talk politics
Moderation: Sandra Schildhauer

Sandra Schildhauer is an actress, teacher and activist.

Ben Asamoah

Ben Asamoah is a Award Winning Film Director from Belgium with roots from Ghana.

Eric Burton

Eric Burton is a Historian at the University of Innsbruck.
Into the global histories of decolonization, development and socialisms.
2019 he was teaching at the University of Ghana.


Directors: Johanna Sunder-Plassman, Tama Tobias-Macht
German / Germany / 80 min.

The film explores the turbulent lives of homeless persons in Cologne, Germany. Through their personal belongings the homeless share with the viewer their memories and emotions, and provide insight into the secrets of survival on the street. In the luminescence of night their sleeping spaces, filled with their collections of personal artifacts, are evocative of museum showcases.

The subsequent discussion will be in German.

Let's talk politics
Moderation: Thomas Pupp

Thomas Pupp is co-founder of the 20er (a street newspaper in Innsbruck) and worked as a politician. Now he works in advertising.

Alina Kugler

Alina Kugler studied social work. She is a mediator and works for the Plattform Menschenrechte Salzburg (Human Rights NGO)


Ferdinand works for Supertramps (Association for the support of homeless and marginalized people) in Vienna. In his past he was homeless for 2 years.

Michael Hennermann

Michael Hennermann is a streetworker and executive Director of an association for homeless people in Innsbruck.